Can an Air Purifier Help Reduce Allergy Symptoms?

For those with allergies, scientific studies have demonstrated that air filtration can provide some relief from airborne allergens. Dust mites, mold spores, pollen, and pet dander found in your home's indoor air can cause issues if your family has allergies or asthma.


filters are a type of mechanical air filter that works by passing air through a fine mesh that traps harmful particles. There are many great air purifiers available, but those with frequent allergies need a more specific purification system.

Despite their technological abilities, air purifiers occupy the same category as faith-based wellness products, such as nutritional supplements. In addition to cleaning all the dirt accumulated in the nooks and crannies of your home, investing in a good quality air purifier can help reduce allergy symptoms and Covid-19 risks. When selecting the best air purifier for allergies, you should consider the size and power of the device, as you may want one that you can move from your room to your home office depending on where you spend more time, or a sturdy whole-house option if you have several allergy sufferers under the same roof. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) references several studies that link the use of air purifiers to allergies and the relief of asthma symptoms. When choosing the best air purifier for allergies, there are several factors to consider. The Federal Trade Commission has taken action against several manufacturers of air purifiers for claiming that their devices remove virtually all the impurities in the indoor air that people breathe.

So, if the goal is to reduce indoor allergens, triggers, and allergy symptoms, what's the best home air purifier to choose? You'll need to consider factors such as size and power, noise level, filter type and replacement frequency. This Honeywell air purifier is designed for medium-sized rooms (155 square feet), but there are models that cover large rooms (310 square feet) and extra large rooms (465 square feet). All of them had a fan that recycled the air and generated noises that, depending on the model and the environment, ranged from a pleasant hum to the hum of a wind tunnel. We've rounded up the best air purifiers to help eliminate allergens and virus-causing germs from your home. Air purifiers are specifically recommended for allergy sufferers and asthmatics because they remove both particles and gases.